The energy transition is the profound transformation of a backbone industry essential for our lives and economies: the energy sector.

This transformation process requires: the highest levels of competence, as new renewable technologies are entering the energy mix at an accelerated pace; openness to new business models, as digitalisation is rendering ever more parts of the energy supply system accessible and measurable; and large amounts of capital, as size and multitude of new assets require enormous investments. The transformation process also requires the various actors and experts to closely work together and build the new energy supply system of the future.

Therefore, we put partnerships with competence leaders, developers, energy consumers and local communities at the very top of our business strategy.

Development is the prime discipline at the forefront of new renewable energy solutions. As there is always room for more development power, we are keen to team up with you. Good visibility on long-term goals, professional result-oriented teamwork and attractive incentives with time horizons until 2030 are available in a co-development partnership with Galileo Green Energy. Just contact us.

Energy supply solutions for final customers, retailers and wholesalers are the key to unlock the full potential of renewable energy. Our objective: the full supply of your electricity demand, be it small or large, with flexible products from renewable sources across Europe. You want to enter green power supply for the long-term and perhaps across borders? Try us. Just contact us.

Renewable energy generation is getting closer to where we consume our electricity. This is beneficial to the project’s economics and the electricity grid of your region, so why not also to you? We are keen to create local energy supply partnerships with local players. You are a landowner, farmer, community, town or association and want to know more about partnering with Galileo Green Energy? Just contact us.